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Caring for Your New Driveway

Important Information To Make Your Driveway Last

  • Your new driveway will take 3 to 5 days to harden, and it will take up to 6-12 months to cure; even then during hot summer days your driveway may soften. It is advised to spray water on your driveway to help it cool.
  • During the first 6-12 months avoid starting out too fast or turning in too quickly; it may scar your driveway. It is not good to park your vehicle in the same spot every time you return home.
  • Do not turn your wheels back and forth while sitting still; this will cause power steering marks.
  • Avoid putting small objects (such as motorcycle kickstands, jack stands and trailer jacks) directly on paved area. Instead, place plywood or a board under them to distribute the weight; otherwise, these objects may sink and create holes in your driveway.
  • We suggest tapering the edges of your driveway with gravel and loam to enhance the appearance as grass grows in and this helps support the sides. Driving off the edge will cause your driveway to crumble and deteriorate after a time.
  • Avoid leakage of any substance from a motorized vehicle such as oil, gas, anti-freeze, power steering fluid, and brake fluid. All of these substances will cause the strength of your driveway to deteriorate, and may even cause sinkholes (Tip: gas up your lawn mower on the lawn.)
  • The surface of your driveway may appear a bit smoother in some areas than others. This is normal. Where it is impossible to drag the Paver, handwork must be done. These areas where the hand tools are used may appear different in texture. Don’t worry. This is normal.